What makes a successful international employee?

Andrea Castronovo, Vice President of BMW group, shares how organisations should choose candidates for overseas postings.
Kelvin Ong - 11 Apr 2017
A key part of Malaysia’s Vision 2020 is to encourage skilled expatriates to return home. In the second part of our Malaysian HR Country report, HRM Asia speaks to two Malaysian professionals with different views.
Sham Majid - 28 Feb 2017
Talent mobility is set to be a key business issue in the aftermath of global developments last year. The serviced apartment sector, in particular, will be closely monitoring proceedings in 2017. Choe Peng Sum, CEO of Frasers Hospitality, shares his thoughts on how the year could pan out.
Sham Majid - 21 Feb 2017
Two seismic events that rocked 2016 are threatening to change the face of talent mobility across countries and continents. HRM Asia investigates how Brexit and the US Presidential Election will impact HR and the free movement of skilled talent across borders in 2017.
Naadiah Badib - 25 Jul 2016
As the proportion of millenial employees continues to increase, how can HR best cater to their specific needs when it comes to their relocation? HRM finds out.