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Friendly fire

In today's rapidly evolving cyber-security landscape, organisations can't afford to limit their defence to only external attacks. Internal threats stemming from employee actions also need to be dealt with, through coordinated efforts between HR and the IT department.
Naadiah Badib - 01 Jul 2016
Reporting a concern about a risk or wrongdoing at work should be a relatively easy matter. However, employees are still hesitant to speak up. HRM finds out how HR can resolve this issue.
Sham Majid - 23 Jun 2016
As organisations are subjected to tougher manpower and employment laws in Singapore, HR departments are having to quickly get to grips with more complex and technical compliance issues, as HRM finds out.
HRM Asia - 06 Jun 2016
Mohammed Reza and Shaun Lee, from JWS Asia Law Corporation, outline what to expect from Singapore’s new Employment Claims Tribunal.
Sham Majid - 09 Jun 2015
Bring-your-own device to work is increasingly becoming a euphemism for flexible working and being technology-savvy. However, beneath the positive clamour for its adoption, organisations are also combating dark forces arising from its use. HRM investigates
Sham Majid - 13 Oct 2014
Employee dismissals are a necessary part of working culture. However, companies should still strive to handle them delicately and impartially. HRM investigates