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21 Oct 2016

How would you react to the fact that your employee called in sick because she was blocked in by police raiding her house?

21 Oct 2016

The survey also highlighted that two out of three unfaithful females claimed they cheat at the office.

21 Oct 2016

One corner of Switzerland is looking to close its doors to thousands of workers in neighbouring Italy,


John Augustine Ong, Singapore Learning Lead at ANZ Bank, shares how L&D professionals can embark on upgrading their own skillsets before inspiring a new learning and development culture within...

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— Tristan Torres on Deliveroo’s unique culture

- Building Asia’s future workforce


Talent attraction and retention with millennials: Learning opportunities
Clocking in to a new system
Businesses across a range of industrial sectors have always needed accurate clock in- clock out information. Whether it is in hospitality, retail, manufacturing, or a whole host of other industries, both the payroll and workforce planning functions have depended on having an accurate understanding of who is actually at the workplace, and at what times.
Enhancing Employee Benefits – Travel
A research by a US Global Commission found out that 89% of those who travel saw significant drops in stress. A few other studies suggest that travel can improve one’s emotional state. In a survey conducted in 2014 by Diamond Resorts International showed that over three-quarters of the respondents reported feeling happier when they planned a trip at least once a year.

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