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08 Dec 2016

Employers are prepared to cut their staff some slack for bad behaviour, at least on the night of the office Christmas party. 

08 Dec 2016

Are flexible work arrangements resulting in greater work-life balance, or are they a form of nicety that is barely moving the needle? HRM Asia weighs in on the topic.

08 Dec 2016

The Singaporean set up a shell company for the sole purpose of bringing in foreign workers with no intention of providing work for them.

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Speaking on the sidelines of HR Summit 2016, Roshni Wadhwa, HR Director, L’Oreal Singapore, shares some insights into the company’s unique method to attract and retain millennials.

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— Tristan Torres on Deliveroo’s unique culture


Eight reasons why Experiential Learning is the future of learning
Experiential learning is taking off in Singapore and across the Asia-Pacific region. KNOLSKAPE shares eight reasons why this methodology is achieving big results for development teams across all industries and sectors.

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